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Dutch ReBelle

Originally from Haiti, she started rapping when she was about 9 years old. But it wasn’t until she was a college student that she decided to pursue a music career. Now, Dutch ReBelle is poised for a breakout year that could put her and Boston on the national hip-hop stage once again.

She’s at work on her second full-length album, Vodou, due out in spring 2013, and just recently released the official video for her latest single, “Sunday Morning.” The release is getting strong reviews within Boston’s tight hip-hop community, building on the positive reception to her mix-tape and first album, “Married to the Music,” released last year.
ReBelle is also getting attention and critical acclaim for her contributions to the Boston trio Famous Nobodies, whose latest video for the single "What You Want" was just released this week.

Bernadeau, 25, was attending Penn State and studying law when she started having second thoughts about her education. 
“It was during my third year that I wanted to drop out,” she said. “College was a hustle.” 
Instead of dropping out, however, she decided to change her major to communications. Around the same time, she had freestyled for someone at school who was surprised that she could rap. From there, she decided she would take a year to figure out her music career

By Tayla Holman, Reporter Correspondent
Ricardo Lloyd Johnson Jr., also known as Ricky Blaze, is an American DJ, producer, singer, and songwriter. He has done production work in the dancehall music space and the trancehall subgenre!
It's really crazy that I don't have a OG 1 yet! I sold more Jordan's in the hood than MJ. CMON NIKE! I don't do it for the culture cause we are the culture! @nike

VYBZ 360

Soca music is a Caribbean tradition that soundtracks one of the biggest street parties in the world, Trinidad & Tobago’s Carnival. Among other events, the Carnival hosts an annual International Soca Monarch contest pitting the top Soca songs from across the Caribbean against each other.

 Over the past few years, the competition has helped make a new star: Aaron ‘Voice’ St.Louis, one of the youngest leaders of modern Soca music. The 24-year-old artist burst on the scene with his 2015 party anthem “Cheers to Life,” and became the youngest entertainer to ever win the International Soca Monarch title the following year. He also found success with late-2016 songs like “Outside,” “We Doh Play” (featuring Kerwin Dubois), and “Get Away.”

The 2017 Trinidad Carnival saw Voice return to defend his crown. His aptly-titled single “Far From Finished” earned him yet another International Soca Monarch title. Since “Far From Finished” was released in October 2016, it’s racked up over three million views on Youtube.
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