So we filmed this commercial for Pronti Sandwich Company in Foxboro MA. This video be will aired in Showcase Live in Foxboro.

It all started back when the brothers Ramanpreet and Manpreet Kohli opened their first restaurant called Pronti Bistro in Needham, MA. There was an instant love affair with the food and our community. Unbeknownst to us at the time, our number one customer, Aaronpaul Singh DMD, would become our third and most ambitious partner. A dental student at the time, he would visit Pronti Bistro so frequently that we had the entire staff aware of his order ahead of time. He was so confident in our expansion that he declared himself our third partner whether we were on board or not. That is when the idea was born to make Pronti Sandwich Company a reality and bring to light our individual talents to expand the business all throughout Massachusetts. After shutting down Pronti Bistro a year ago, we are back now with our new vision, Pronti Sandwich Company.  
 Now that we decided to open a Pronti again, we needed a manager who shared the same passion for food and vision as us. Our long time friend Matt O'Brien was our answer. Matt holds a culinary arts degree from the prestigious Johnson & Wales University in Rhode Island. After graduation, Matt went on to become a manager and partner in a big nationwide chain where he successfully managed over 4 locations as well as opening up several taco shops for fellow business partners. Along side his experience, Matt's passion makes him the perfect Managing Partner for Pronti Sandwich Company.
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