So I'm driving back from doing a Real Estate listing for my Mom! I see Show Off Marketing P-sniping! I yelled out the window "YOW WHERE'S MY MUSIC SERVICE" he replied "I GOT YOU! WHAT YOU DOING IN THE HOOD! I HEARD YOU LIVE IN THE BURBS! YOW JADA KISS IS AT LE TRAP! JUS UP DA BLOCK" I replied "I'LL PASS THRU BANG THE SHUTTER! 

I get to Le Trap! Check my homie in the DJ Booth SNAP SNAP! Walk up to MILLYZ then I said "GIMME SUMTING CRAZY YUTE! He vogued, I SNAP SNAP! Walked over to KISS! I said "YOW KISS GIMME SUMTING CRAZY FIYAH YUTE! He vogued, I SNAP SNAP! Then I hit the door! The security guard at the door said "DAMN HOMIE YOU LEAVING ALREADY! I replied "I'M A COLD BLOODED KILLER DAWG! He laughed! Y'all know Bobby Shakes! I'm too deadly for the hand check bwoy! VENI....VIDI....VICI!

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