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Due to DISCRIMATION against HIP-HOP fans we have been forced to postpone the show till next fall. We met with the committee that books the venue and THEY APPROVED THE SHOW. We also met with the Mayor. The Mayor APPROVED THE SHOW. Everything was book. At the end of the day one man made it impossible for this event to happen. HIP-HOP fans will need to come together and take a stand against discrimination. PLEASE CALL and COMPLAIN (781)393-2408 Call it five times a day if you have to and tell them we WANT WARREN @ THE CHEVALIER THEATER FIRED. please click here to join the fight!!.


Above is: (Ninja Man in pain)

Mighty Crown once again pulled off the impossible at approximately 2:30AM Sunday November 25, 2007. They were named World Clash Champions and the rest is history. Being one tune away from elimination, they once again proved themselves worthy by facing adversity and overcoming all obstacles to win here in New York. If you do remember Might Crown won the second annual World Clash back in 1999 almost a decade ago. Earlier in the day I had the opportunity to meet up with Ninja from Mighty Crown and asked him if it came down to it who he would expect to face in tune fi tune. He replied either Black Kat or Bass Odyssey.

Mighty Crown who earlier this year pulled off another stunning win of epic proportions by winning the Death Before Dishonor in Montego Bay, Jamaica's Pier One. This was indeed historical which will go down as the first non-Jamaican sound system ever to win this contest. Basically designed as a tournament to showcase Jamaican sound systems with past winners such as Black Kat, Bass Odyssey, and Tony Matterhorn this was another chance for them to take the heart of the New York faithful.

In round one each sound was to play for five minutes. Unfortunately, Rebel Tone did not attend this event and this made the number of contenders dwindle from five to four. The second round which was ten minutes long, we witnessed the elimination of a favorite. The Five Star, General was eliminated. This was quite a shock when every sound expected to at least face him in the final round. With the demise of the War Tanker, Black Kat opened the door for the German sound Sentinel the 2005 World Clash winners. This was in fact short lived when the Stuttgart based team were eliminated in the third round. Which basically pitted last years victors Bass Odyssey, hailing from way out in the country (Alexandria in the parish of St. Ann) against Mighty Crown, the Far East Rulaz from Yokohoma, Japan in the final showdown. The last World Clash ever to be held in New York proved that you are never down and out in the very end. Bass Odyssey the team of Damian and Worm last years winners, whom earlier this year won the UK Cup Clash at London's Stratford Rex proved that they are definitely a force to be reckoned with.After taking the first five tunes in dramatic fashion they fell flat when even singers such as Sanchez and Beres Hammond couldn't woo the New York. Master Simon being down 5 love in the best out of 10 ask New York City does he have a chance. New York relpied "YES". Mighty Crown took full advantage of hope and rallied back. At 5 to 5 they played a Jah Cure special to seal the victory. Congratulations to them on their victory.

On the other clashes on the night, David Rodigan dressed as Elvis Presley defeated Ninja Man. In the final clash Tony Matterhorn and Beenie Man tied. The final staging of the World Clash here in New York has been an enjoyable event of epic proportions on a stage where legends are born and dreams are made and hearts are broken. The World Clash has been the place. Whether it's your first clash or if you are a veteran something was learned by all in attendance.


Above is: (Tony Matterhorn)

After a long vacation Matterhorn returned to the BK and gave them what they been waiting for. This kid was all over Tech 9, LP, and anyone else who thought they could handle Matterhorn. I guess Addies new Selector tried to get bright but Matterhorn cut his throat with one swoop. He called him a "Pouchie". That's the new talk for a Selector that caries his music in a male handbag or CD case. After 30 minutes of playfull juggling Matterhorn showed BK that he still has the skills to pay the bills. By the way...........Matterhorn -vs- Addies could be in the making....CHIN put up the MONEY this one could be a classic.


Above is: (David Rodigan 2007 Riddim Clash winner)

Last Saturday inside Dusseldorf's Stahlwerk the Dubwise Smarty, David Rodigan from London, England retained his Riddim Clash title in controversial fashion. Competing against Deutschland's very own Sentinel aka the German Luger who appeared in this event four years prior losing to the Freddie led Kilimanjaro it was put up or shut up for the 2005 World Clash winner, and Black Scorpio of Kingston, Jamaica led by Jack Scorpio the foundation sound. From the onset it seemed like a teacher versus student confrontation David Rodigan was accompanied by Coppa Face picked to play in the primary position, and opened with a classic speech of how great it was to be back in his birth country of Germany. The first round being the twenty minute round proved successful for Rodigan as he opened with Pressure as well as a few Bounty Killer combinations. Next up was Father Jack Scorpio who admitted his love for the German people playing several classic tunes in his first segment including the most memorable Johnny Clarke combination. Finally, Sentinel opened with a brief tribute to the South African legend Lucky Dube whom was shot two days prior. Then Elmar went on to overstep his boundaries by stating to both legends David Rodigan and Jack Scorpio not to take this beating he was about to administer in any way personal. The Sentinel Sound was selector by committee and Nadia opened up the twenty minute segment in which Sentinel won hands down, even throwing in a few Sizzla dubs for good measure.

The second round which was fifteen minutes long Rodigan did take what Elmar said personal and played back a tune. Sentinel went on to win the first four rounds triumphantly. In the third round, which was ten minutes proved disastrous for Black Scorpio they experienced a ten minute delay due to technical difficulties and they were supposedly playing back a tune from Barrington Levy that Sentinel drew in the first round. In his defense he claimed that it was in fact a Mr. Vegas and Barrington Levy. Sentinel later called out Mr. Bombastic himself Shaggy to come forward. Rodigan later went on to chastise Elmar of the German sound Sentinel for being unoriginal as his parting the crowd was unoriginal and was done back in 1994 by Fire Links.

Needless, to say Black Scorpio's performance really didn't factor in as the judgment of this round was awarded to Stuttgart's very own Sentinel. In the final sequence, the one-for-one round in which ten tunes were to be played David Rodigan was startled to find out that the other sounds had not set up and requested each sound to come forward. Rodigan opened with a Dennis Brown and then after a more memorable Bitty McLean that drew one of the biggest forwards of the night. However, things go heated in this round. At the end of the round it was apparently a tie and it went to having to play one more tune to decide the winner. Rodigan drew Supercat's "Don Dada" even this was not enough. The host Dennis Alcapone called on the help of Shaggy to judge who the winner was by a show of hands. Even then it seemed to close to call. So they asked the promoter to come forward. He decided to ask those who were in favor of Rodigan to go to one side while those who were in favor in Sentinel to stand on the opposite side. Rodigan had more supporters on his side so he was able to retain his title. Surprisingly, when it was all said and done Sentinel the 2005 World Clash Winner at Brooklyn, NY gave praise to Rodigan because without him he would have never even been selected. To commemorate the victory Shaggy alongside Rik Rok gave a short performance. Congratulations to him on behalf of Bobby Shakes and thanks to the staff at Riddim magazine who hosted this event. My first time in Germany has been a very positive experience.


Above is: (Lady Lena Boston's dancehall trying to sell her stock)

I guess Lady Lena is out of retirement. I heard she had retired after finishing 3rd in the Dancehall Competiton in Jamaica. I was like dam, Dancehall is giving AIM money! After seeing her perform last night it looks like AIM fund has shit the bed. WTF...is "Black Monday" around the corner.


Above is: (Another wild dance contest)

First I'd like to thank my favorite bartender for always having my drinks ready.....Second I'd like to thank the Patriots for abusing the Cowboys (p.s. T.O will never win a superbowl).....And finally I'd like to thank the Excellent Girlz and the Garrison Girlz for putting on a good show.


Above is: (Juicy doing her thing)

Well congrats to Fire Sad on another great event at Kay's. Once again the place was packed with women and not men in tight pants. Every women had their hair, nails done. The vibe had a great mixture of dancehall,reggae,hip hop, and soca. What else could you ask for at a really cheap door price. Miss Kay wasn't running around yellng and scream and usaully. Just another great party with a better vibe. I'm going to bed it's 7am.


Above is: (Fly being fly)

Another great night at Pum Pum thursday. I would love to tell yall about it, but i'm beat. Besides it's 2:42am and yall should be in bed. HMMMMM let me logon to karadavis.com. LATA KIDS!!


Above is: (Dyema and her victim dry humping in a trash can)

People stuffed in trash cans, people jumping on each other, men getting raped by women. I guess it's just a normal night in New York city. I mean Frizzy is shaking his head over women on their heads. What will he do when he view these pictures. King Midas, Ghetto Hype, Killa Boo really took this dance to a level that I have never seen. It was non-stop MADNESS, I couldn't take it, I had to go outside for 45 minutes to cool off and regroup. By the way can we give Ricky Blaze MC of the year!


Above is: (A contestant doing whatever it takes to win...)

This one was insane. In all the dancehall events we've covered I've never seen so many girls stand on their heads in one night. Every girl kept taking it to the next level. When one of the contestants got on the tv stand to stand on her hand(ps. please don't try this at home) nobody thaught she was bold enough to do it...I left the club shaking my head. This was another dance contest full of surprises.


Above is: (A dancer trying to pull this poor girl's hamstring)

I got a phone call from Jamaica around 8am saying that Richie Feeling was at Kingston hospital. I guess he had overdosed on "Coco Bread". We left countless e-mails on Richie's phone but he didn't return our calls. So we were left to assume that this rumor may have some facts to it. Anyway Bembe was a nice turnout. Biggs kept the party moving with staccato mixes, screaming and yelling. Big up to I.G.C for the show and for sending a years supply of "tums" to Richie Feelings.


Above is: (Beyonce wine contest flyer)

Damn...I've been getting phone calls and emails for weeks from all these ladies telling me Beyonce ain't got nothing on them. And there ready to prove it this Saturday night at kay's Oasis. They're saying this will be the contest of all contests. I better go look for my camera to make sure my batteries are charged because I think it's gonna be a wild night.


Above is: (DaVille reggae's new singing sensation)

I'm in the corner of the venue doing something legal and someone taps me on my shoulder. I almost dropped dead. I turned around slowly to see who it was, it was FC. The kid had sweat rolling off his face like a water fall. He asked me "Bobby where is everyone at" I replied "FC it's fucking 11:44......people don't show up until 12:30. Shit the only thing he should be worrying about is how he's going to pay us for the DaVille ads on the site. Anywho.....enough about FC let's talk about the show. All and all it was a nice show. One of the highlights of the show is when a woman came on stage and sang "I'm thinking about you" to Daville. DaVille so far looks like the complete package he got the Brad Butter T's, Ed Hardy Hat plus the AF1 for 225 with screw on tips. The kid looks like a rock star. Plus his songs are really good. To me DaVille is a breath of fresh air in dancehall.

Above is: (a dancer trying to break someone's legs)

Well the Grand Opening for "PUM PUM Thursday" was awesome. Of course they jumped around......then dove in between girls legs. Cyprus and Ruben kept the antics going all night with a blend of dancehall and hip hop. I wish i didn't get lost for an hour trying to find the place. One more thing FUCK google maps.

Above is: (girls rushing Wayne's World Camera)

Dam just 3 years ago I was telling Frizzy "dude we need to start covering shit downtown". So we left the hood and went downtown. Starting making money, living the rock star life, even had my own drink called the "SHAKES". Then we got banned from downtown over bullshit, came back to the hood and everything was gone. Thank GOD, we got pictures to keep us humble!

This past Saturday on Randall's Island was the annual Reggae Carifest brought to you by Legendary Productions. The long awaited return of reggae icon the Don Gourgon Ninja Man was to perform. This man who hasn't performed here in the United States in fifteen years was decked out in a gold and white Ninja costume equipped with a crown. He was definitely there to reclaim his title as king of the dancehall. At the end of his performance the Honorable Mayor Noam Bramson, of New Rochelle New York gave him a reward.

But Ninja Man was not the only highlight of this extravaganza. Team Legendary brought together peace, love, and harmony in the medium of reggae music. Almost every corner of the Caribbean basin was represented on stage. From Haiti, the famous group formed in 1992 whose last New York performance which was at Central Park Summerstage, Djakout Muzik. The mesmerized the crowd was their blend of compass meets hip hop. From Antigua, the Maxi Priest look alike Causion with his smooth lover's rock repertoire. Collie Budz who grew up in Bermuda who many see as the Eminem of the reggae fraternity gave a stellar performance. Luky Dube from South Africa also gave it his all. Third World, Yellow Man, and Yami Bolo who performed earlier in the day each sang remarkably.

Bounty Killer and his Alliance, the team of Movado and Aidonia were a spectacle at this year's event and never missed a beat. Gangsters for life was definitely in the house. Buju Banton gave a vintage performance. All in all it was another wonderful event. Trouble was brewing outside when reports of a protest. I heard the following morning from New York News 1 that a group of homosexual Jamaicans made claim that there were protesting against Buju Banton and Bounty Killer homophobic lyrics. Reggae is definitely a music of love and compassion. Well that's the news for this segment we'll catch you at the Irie Jamboree this Saturday the Second of September at Roy Wilkin Park.

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