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Name of company: BOBBYSHAKES.com - http://www.bobbyshakes.com/
Date of origin: January 1st, 2000
Founder: Orett Robinson
Photographer: Guytano Frizzy - guytano@bobbyshakes.com
Video man: Bobby Shakes - bobby@bobbyshakes.com
Fashion Guru: Pretty - pretty@bobbyshakes.com
NYC Correspodence: Anil - anil@bobbyshakes.com
What does she do?: Missy - missy@bobbyshakes.com
Information Protocol Systems: Joe Leonard - jleonard@shadowbox-design.com

Company goal: To give you something to do at work. Cause we all know that our jobs suck.

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Bobby Shakes ©2002. All rights reserved.
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