TeeJayx6 19/09/19

Teejayx6 is having a moment. The 18-year-old Detroit rapper is currently the face of the “scam rap” movement, making a name for himself by giving out detailed instructions for fans to follow on songs like “Dark Web,” “Swipe Lesson” and “Swipe Story.” Growing up on the West Side of Detroit before moving to the East Side, Teejayx6 (the x6 comes from the MSR X6 magnetic card reader/writer) started scamming online five years ago by setting up fake warehouse pages on Twitter and Instagram before moving on to credit scamming. In an interview with Genius, he explained the appeal of scamming versus other hustles. In early May, Teejayx6 released his breakout track, “Dark Web,” but it didn’t start taking off until he released the meme-ready music video two months later. In the clip, he performs the song while sitting on a roof and typing on a laptop. Although it only reached 100 daily pageviews on Genius once after being transcribed in mid-July, “Dark Web” shot up to 270 average daily pageviews following the video’s release on July 27. It continued to grow in August. Interest in the track spiked even further on August 11, when Teejayx6 was seemingly arrested on stage by men wearing US Marshals jackets. Many people suspected the incident was a stunt, but it still brought attention to the song. On that day, it crossed 1,000 daily pageviews for the first time.