MeekMill 13/08/09—21/03/19

Fed investigations, heard they plottin' like I trap

20 mil' in cash, they know I got that off a rap

Maybe it's the Michael Rubins or the Robert Krafts

Or the billionaire from Marcy, and the way they got my back, uh

Seein' how I prevailed and now they try to knock me back, uh

Lock me in the cell for all them nights and I won't snap, uh

Two-fifty a show and they still think I'm sellin' crack, uh

When you bring my name up to the judge just tell em' facts

Tell em how we fundin' all these kids to go to college

Tell him how we ceasin' all these wars, stoppin' violence

Tryna fix the system and the way that they designed it

I think they want me silenced (Shush)

Oh say you can see

I don't feel like I'm free

Locked down in my cell, shackled from ankle to feet

Judge bangin' that gavel turned me to slave from a king

Another day in the bing, I gotta hang from a string

Just for poppin' a wheelie, my people march in the city

From a cell to a chopper view from the top of the city

You can tell how we rockin' soon as I pop up we litty

Poppin' like Bad Boy in '94, Big Poppa and Diddy

And niggas counted me out like my accountant ain't busy

That's five milli' in twenties, sit up and count 'til I'm dizzy

Phantom, five hundred thousand, hundred round in a stizzy

Is we beefin' or rappin'? I might just pop up with Drizzy like
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